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What gives Blackpods the edge:

Being more beautiful and unique than the standard white AirPods with all those good features, Black pods really lets you stand out in the crowd. Being stylish, using black ones has become a fashion trend these days. No surprise why they have witnessed a significantly high sales graph since its release.

Having Siri controlling audio, they can prove to be a handy choice, especially when you are an iPhone user. Battery life in the Noir Pods is amazing, accompanied by seamless connectivity and awesome audio, it really is something.

How’s Sound?

Compared to the original Airpods, they offer a thin and flat sound experience. However Noir Pods still sounds good, you won’t feel any difference. In addition, there’s a decent amount of space between the soundstage and the layering in the orchestral backing, which is quite impressive.

Well, you may have some issues with the feel and fit of Black pods if you have been using the original white one, but it still lives to the expectations. Keeping everything in account, the overall user experience in blvck pods is quite the same to that of white ones, except for the fact that you’ll look comparatively more stylish.

Is the design good enough?

If you have been using Apple AirPods, you may be well familiar with how common earbuds look. However, the Noir Pods have its own distinguishing and “much cooler” design that will make you fall in love at first sight. Expect them to be a bit thicker, as they have a batter and device microphone packed inside them.

Ever used earphones for longer periods of time? You must definitely know about that ache it causes in your ear when you remove them. Keeping your comfort as a prime priority, Noir pods are designed in such a way that you feel good, even after listening to your favorite music for a long time. Moreover, they’ll fit well, so no worries even if you put them in your ears while exercising.

You don’t find all of it in the conventional white one, do you?

Connectivity is everything!

In the wireless world, connectivity is everything that matters, and ear pods are no exception. Keeping the stuff simple, Black pods have reliable and easy connectivity experience. All you need to do is just to simply open the black pod’s case right next to your phone. An option will appear on your phone screen to connect the pods, and there you go, it’s connected.

Moreover, the pods will automatically connect to your phone every time you put them in your ears and will disconnect when you put them off. Taking off a single pod will just pause whatever you were listening to. The plus point of Blk Pods is, you can use it on any iOS or Android device, with all the features included, unlike Apple Airpods.

Battery Life matters

Battery is often a huge problem when it comes to bluetooth earbuds. I mean who wants something that can’t even last for 2 hours? Addressing this issue very seriously, Black earpods have a solid battery life of 5 hours. And by this, I mean accurately 5 hours. At least that’s what I’ve concluded by running them through a battery test.

To talk about the case, it’s just another piece of innovation. Having an excellent design, it is charged with the help of a simple lightning cable. Now once the case is charged to its limit, it can easily charge your pods for more than 3 times. A small LED light turning RED and GREEN will let you know whether the pods are fully charged or not.

All in all, keeping all the other available wireless earpods, including the Apple one, Black Pods can easily beat any of its competitors in the battery department without any second thoughts.

Worth the price?  

To be honest, looking at the price of white earpods, Black pods are way cheaper. I mean who’s ready to pay more than $60 for just a piece of earbuds? Keeping the fact in account when you can find better than that in less than $40. Yes, this is true. Not only the black pods have all those mumbo-jumbo features you find in Apple Airpods, but also costs almost half of its price, which is another plus point. Not to mention the stylish, innovative, and comfortable design you get with it.

When we keep in front of us all the features you get with Black pods, it’s really worth it!

What’s special about Black Pods

From all the stuff we’ve already discussed, you may already have got the very idea of “why to choose the black buddy”, but still there needs to be something which is special about this set of pods. It’s the pairing process, which is really easy and comforting. We don’t have to jump in the Bluetooth settings all the time. A big relief, isn’t it?

In the End

To conclude the Noir Pods in simple words, I would say it has great overall features. From design to quality, durability, connectivity, and sound, it has got you covered in every way. Moreover, no matter if you connect it to your iPhone or some other android device, the access to all features is available. And if that’s not enough, it costs almost half of the original white set, with more stuff to offer. In short, spending a few bucks on this one won’t be a regret, that’s for sure.